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Original silk ribbon: ice
Original silk ribbon: ice
Original silk ribbon: ice
Original silk ribbon: ice

Original silk ribbon: ice

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Color: ice (thin blue Gree)

It is a ribbon that can feel the elegant elegant gloss of silk.

Our silk ribbons do not use scissors, knives and other tools, and are finished manually.

Except for the sample and wrinkle silk ribbon, it rolls around the original wood spool. The sample is wrapped around the sheet of paper, and the wrinkle silk ribbon delivers the ribbon.
Even if you buy a ribbon of the same width, the ribbon is delivered in each length, not the length of length.


  • The color may vary depending on the monitor. AgainBecause of the handmade ribbon, there is an error in the millimeter unit.
  • Because the ribbon is hand dye, the color is slightly different by the lot even if it is the same item.
  • The shape of the wooden spool may be changed without notice.
  • Because the edge of the ribbon is a feature ribbon, it is not possible to receive the return for the reason.
  • Details about delivery, shipping, return and cancellationHerePlease confirm it.

【 Maintenance of ribbon

  • Silk ribbon is very delicate, and it is made by hand. Therefore, there is a possibility that the thread of the ribbon edge comes out. In that case, please slowly pull out the tangled thread. You can easily remove the thread without damaging the product.
  • Please use this by pressing with a medium temperature iron when it is concerned with wrinkles during use. You can easily take wrinkles.