Silk Ribbon & Styling Props

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Silk Ribbon & Styling Props

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Silk Ribbon & Styling Props

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Silk Ribbon & Styling Props

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Price Adjustment Notice

We hope this message finds you in great health and spirits. Thank you for your continued patronage of Lademya Silks.
We have strived to maintain our prices since our store's opening, but recent increases in raw material costs, transportation fees, and currency fluctuations have made it difficult to continue at the current prices.
We regret any inconvenience this may cause our cherished customers, but effective May 1st, we will be adjusting the prices of some products as follows:

Table Runners:
Width: 60cm x Length: 1m / ¥1,650(JPY)
Width: 60cm x Length: 2m / ¥2,950(JPY)
Width: 60cm x Length: 2.5m /¥3,600(JPY)
Width: 60cm x Length: 3m / ¥4,250(JPY)

Double Sided Rollable Styling Surface:

For the Double Sided Rollable Styling Surface currently out of stock, orders paid in full by April 30th will be honored at the old price of ¥21,780(JPY).
 Custom orders will be shipped as soon as they are completed in early May.
We are committed to continuing to improve the quality of our products and developing new ones that will delight you. We ask for your understanding and consideration of the circumstances.
Please note that prices for products not listed above will remain unchanged.

Thank you once again for your continued support of Lademya Silks.

Lademya Silks


Hi, I'm Hisako!
I'm the artist in Japan behind Lademya Silks and here to support you with the highest quality silk ribbon anyone could wish for.
I'm passionate about my silk ribbons and even more passionate about my family!
Grab a cup of coffee (or two!) and enjoy browsing our current offerings.
Be sure to check back often as we continue to grow our collection!

Lademya Team


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