Special Offer

For every purchase of 7 Velvet Greeting Cards, we will place the cards in an original Lademya Silks box and tie it with a silk ribbon before sending it to you. Please take advantage of this opportunity while supplies last. The offer will end once the boxes are gone.

The cards will be placed in a box for every set of 7 purchased. Therefore, if you buy 8 to 13 cards, there will be cards that cannot be placed in a box. Please note that it is not possible to specify which cards to put in the box, so kindly understand this in advance.

If you definitely need to specify for gifts or other purposes, please consult us via the contact page before placing your order. If you inquire after placing your order, we may already be preparing for shipment, and we may not be able to accommodate your request.

*Please note that the color of the silk ribbon may differ from the photos shown below.